• MEXICO'S NEW ENERGY PARADIGM In January 2016, Mexico transitioned to a new electricity market. 
    Is your organization ready to participate and lower its energy costs? 
    Enerlogix can help your team be ready.


    Let us take care of the day-to-day energy management so you can focus on your business
    and do what you do best. 


  • WE ARE LOCAL AND PLUGGED IN By collaborating with Enerlogix Solutions you get a clear picture
    of North America’s energy markets for electricity and natural gas
    whether you are in Mexico City or New York City.



Enerlogix Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of professional energy management services tailored to owners and operators of commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. Since early 2014, right after the passage of Mexico’s Energy Reform, our executive team has been on the ground in Mexico establishing the regulatory and commercial relationships that are pivotal in helping Mexico’s commercial and industrial sectors take full advantage of North America’s newest electricity and natural gas markets.

Our experts uncover potential inefficiencies and savings opportunities—no matter how minor they may seem—that streamline your operations, manage your energy-related costs and, ultimately, save you thousands of dollars. Enerlogix Solutions also provides sustainability services aimed at helping our clients meet the requirements, needs and expectations.


Enerlogix Solutions now offers its comprehensive energy management services to Mexico’s commercial and industrial sectors, bringing all the expertise and experience needed to help new and current customers face Mexico’s New Energy Paradigm.

Some of the industry we serve are:
• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Commercial Real Estate
• Food/Beverage
• Heavy Industry
• Hospitality
• Industrial Parks
• Maquiladora
• Mining
• Paper/Pulp
• Service/Convenience


Conscious of current environmental policies and conservation trends, Enerlogix Solutions closely works with those customers interested in procuring renewable energies and provides support on measuring and reporting carbon footprint, as well as GHG emissions. Energy portfolios are prepared and adapted to the sustainability objectives and requirements of our clients.

Mexico's Energy Market is Changing, Creating for Customers & Energy Providers Alike a Unique Opportunity

On January 1, 2016, Mexico transitioned to North America's newest deregulated electricity and natural gas market. Your company or customer is probably asking how to assess the possibilities of an electric market roughly the size of ERCOT. This initial step in the integration of Mexico's power grid with its neighbors north of the border makes a compelling case for careful analysis and due diligence.

Leverage is defined as influence or power used to achieve a desired result. Consider Enerlogix as leverage for your organization in evaluating the possibilities in Mexico’s new energy paradigm. Our efforts have facilitated Mexico’s policy and regulatory officials’ interaction with multi-national energy companies investing in Mexico. Let us help your organization leverage its purchasing power moving forward.



Environmental standards are more stringent everyday. Mandated environmental regulations will have an effect on energy cost and an impact on operational margins. Nowadays these regulations represent a much higher share of your overall expenses.

Energy efficiency projects are a priory on the demand side of the energy equation. They require a thorough due diligence, as well as a detailed budgeting and planning process. The Enerlogix team can help you identify facility improvement projects that are cost-effective and can maximize your return on investment— prioritizing projects across all of your locations. Each project leverages a proven approach that includes auditing, engineering and design and project implementation.




When it comes to managing price risk related to market volatility, our energy procurement solutions help companies in North America create budget certainty by minimizing the impact of ever changing energy costs. We can help you navigate through the complex issues of market behavior and volatility.

Energy cost is frequently influenced by a number of factors which can affect your bottom line: deregulation, external supplier options, regulatory exemptions, and commodity price volatility, among others. We constantly track local market factors and we interpret how each one will impact your energy costs.