Mexico's New Energy Paradigm

Enerlogix Solutions is an energy management consulting company that provides comprehensive risk management services for its clients. The Enerlogix Solutions executive team has developed a unique business model and methodology to provide its clients with sound, unbiased advice towards achieving the goal of reducing energy cost and consumption, GHG emissions, and price risk.

Enerlogix’s business model takes a holistic approach, focusing on both energy supply and demand components of commercial and industrial customers, thus creating a comprehensive energy management perspective. Under the Plan 360 model, Enerlogix has developed tremendous internal resources with extensive expertise and market knowledge in regulated and deregulated energy markets.

Enerlogix Solutions now offers its comprehensive energy management services to Mexico’s commercial and industrial sectors, bringing all the expertise and experience needed to help new and current customers face Mexico’s New Energy Paradigm.

In summary, Enerlogix Solutions key areas of expertise and business model include:

Energy Supply Management:

  • Utility Bill Management and Data Analysis
  • Tariff/Rate Optimization and Commodity Contract Negotiation
  • Price Risk Management and Budget Development
  • Benchmarking and Disclosure
  • Supply Chain Reporting
  • Clean Energy Market Advice

Energy Efficiency Solutions:

  • Project Identification and Rollout Strategy
  • Infrastructure Advisory
  • Investment Grade Project Development
  • Turn-key Project Construction Management