It is no secret — the energy marketplace is rapidly changing. You will be inundated with market information that is often times confusing and sometimes downright conflicting. If your organization is like most, your team is short on resources and long on responsibilities. The Enerlogix team delivers the critical market insight you need to make informed decisions regarding electricity and natural gas purchases.


When and how you buy your energy matters—even under regulated utility service. But, how do you make sense of the energy market, manage volatility, stay on budget and still run your business? Who's looking out for your best interests? Energy procurement has evolved into enterprise-wide risk management, with its own set of skills and time commitment.

The increasingly competitive business environment requires you to engage the right partner to assist you in understanding and effectively managing all of your energy-related risks with a comprehensive approach. You need a trusted partner that maintains relationship with key suppliers, yet maintains its independence in order to secure the best possible solution for its clients. Our rate optimization service delivers the critical insight you need to make informed sourcing decisions with the best results.

Let Enerlogix help you to:

  • Identify procurement options and negotiate energy contracts
  • Use all available hedging tools to guard against price volatility
  • Select best contract timing period and length of contract
  • Plan and implement energy price risk management strategies
  • Audit for billing errors and irregularities on an ongoing basis

For information on electricity pricing structures click here.


Facility expansion and new construction brings with it a unique set of issues that will represent a major challenge to many companies. That’s where we come in.

Working on your company’s behalf, we ensure that you are paying the right amount for your facility needs to bring the right energy solution to your business. We analyse all actual and future infrastructure projects to determine if the pass-through costs from the utility are fair and reasonable.



Clients are challenged acquiring access and processing the management of utilities, resulting in excessive costs of capturing detailed baseline utility data including volume, usage and pricing information. Implementing basic utility accounting, multi-level process for verification and quality assurance, as well as real-time access to information are just a few of the risk management strategies that enable users to effectively develop and implement a Global Energy Management Strategy.


• Decentralized to centralized data management
• Benchmarking
• Lower invoice processing costs
• Reduce late fees & shut-off
• Comprehensive missing bill research
• SLA commitments for data accuracy & reporting
• Flexible financial solutions – Bill Pay, Post Pay, AP Interface, Invoice Redirection, based on clients needs
• Improved visibility to utility volume and price analytics
• Real time access to data, analytics and reporting
• Web hosted and mobile-based solutions for real time access
• Sustainability management


At Enerlogix Solutions, we believe sustainability means reducing your energy usage and spend through an effective risk management approach.

It’s more than just efficiency improvements or conservation efforts. In fact, it can impact every aspect of your energy supply and demand activities. We can help you define, integrate and meet your sustainability objectives. Enerlogix Solutions provides sustainability services aimed at helping our clients meet their requirements and needs.

Sustainability Services Include:

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Service

Comprehensive assessment, analysis and benchmarking of GHG emissions.

Greenhouse Gas Management Strategy

Emission reduction goal setting and development of emission management plan.

Environmental Regulatory Analysis

Analysis of GHG regulation, standards for environmental commodities & voluntary programs.